75 Ball Bingo

Paradise 75 Bingo

75 Ball Bingo is a popular North American version of the classic 90 Ball game. Players purchase numbered bingo cards and then mark off the numbers that are called out at random. The winner is the first player to correctly complete a winning pattern.

As per the bingo games played in clubs, players must purchase tickets to play the game. However players must have registered an account before being able to purchase their tickets. 75 ball bingo is played on a 5×5 grid of numbers called a card. All the squares contain a number except the middle square which is left free.  Games patterns vary throughout the day and cards are deemed as winners once all of the shaded pattern areas are filled. 

To purchase single tickets, simply click on each individual ticket and click on the purchase button once you are satisfied with your purchases, alternatively you may purchase blocks of tickets by clicking on the desired number, Note; your account will only be debited once the selected game purchase period opens.   You may continue to purchase further tickets at any time up to the game start. All purchased tickets will show on the gaming screen and will be marked in orange and will display a “tick” to confirm that the ticket has been successfully purchased. The prize values update as purchases are made, the information button allows you to view the current prize values, a history button allows you to view previous winners and their prizes.

In the clubs, players must dab their number, using a dabber or a pen. For the prize to be valid, the players must shout "bingo" each time they complete a winning line before anyone else to claim the prize. Our game however is automated, and the software will automatically mark (or dab) the tickets and also determine whether it is a winning bingo card.

A pop up window will then appear in the middle of the screen to display the winner/winners and the prize won. Please note that there might be several winners for any prize as each winning card may meet the prize criteria. In such circumstances the cash prize will be split in equal proportions between the winners. Furthermore, a single player may also win more than 1 prize in the same game.

The game ends once the prize is claimed at which time; the purchase period for the next game will begin. Your balance will be updated with all winnings at the completion of the game.

The 75 Number Bingo Schedule may be found here: Paradise 75 Schedule

75 Number bingo prizes are funded through ticket purchases; as each ticket is purchased, the prizes will update accordingly, all tickets purchased in a game will contribute to the game prize (s).

Return to Player

The theoretical return to player for this game is 60%

Malfunction voids all pays and play.

Your tickets purchased and total number of tickets purchased can be seen in the bingo lobby under the heading Tickets Purchased. 
For example, Tickets Purchased, 10 / 100, means that you have purchased 10 tickets, and a total of 100 tickets has been purchased for that game by all players. 

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