Klub Keno

Keno has its origins in China. Because keno is entertaining and easy to learn, it has become widely popular. Like Bingo, keno is a lottery-type game of chance where anyone can win big.


Start by choosing the value of your wager in the round: 0.25, 1.00, or 5.00 in chips. Next, click the numbers on which you'd like to bet. You may mark from three to ten different numbers. Finally, choose the number of consecutive rounds you wish to play. Press one of the three play buttons: ONE, FIVE, or TEN. Your payout is determined by three factors: how much you wager, how many Keno numbers you select, and how many selected numbers actually hit. The payout table on the left side of the game window displays the payout according to how many Keno numbers you marked. The result table on the right of the game window displays the outcome of each round. A golden star indicates a winning round.


Winnings are displayed in the main game's paytable.


If one of your numbers gets the STAR BALL, you will win twice the normal payout, if that draw wins!


The minimum bet in keno is 0.25 per game, and the maximum bet is set at 5.00.

Malfunction voids all pays and play.

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