Live Lottery

How To Play:
Forty nine balls numbered one to 49 are randomly mixed by the lottery machine Tombola. Six of the balls will be drawn one at a time displaying the winning numbers. The aim of the game is to predict the numbers, colors or sums of the balls selected.
We offer three types of bets; betting on numbers, on color and on sums. Each of these betting types includes twelve options for different bets, displayed as lines beneath each category name. You can place up to one bet from each type.
Each bet type has a different payout rate (potential winning) that is specified at the end of the line with the bet name.
In order to make the process easy and intuitive the betting interface is designed with a style called “Lines”. In the classic view all the lines are visible by default, but in the full screen mode, you need to click the button-“Betting Lines” in order to view the lines on the screen overlaying the video.
For your convenience, the lines are divided into three groups:
Betting on numbers
Betting on colors
Betting on sums
In each group we provide 12 lines to select from. In order to place a bet just click on the line, select an amount you would like to bet, select your desired bet, and press the “place bet” button.
If there is any error in the game procedure, the game round will be temporarily paused and the shift manager will be notified. Players will be notified by an on-screen pop-up message, to highlight that the issue is being investigated. If the manager can immediately resolve the error, the game round will continue as normal. If immediate resolution is not possible, the game round will be cancelled and initial bets will be refunded to all players who participated in the game round.

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