Queen of Thrones

Queen of ThronesTM is a slot that takes place in the battlefield’s center, a chessboard. The King, Queen, Tower, Horse, Bishop and Pawn of both colors represent the symbols of the game.

The game has a throne in the middle of the screen, and when a Queen symbol stops there a feature is triggered, and the Queen will capture all enemy's adjacent pieces converting them into WILD symbols.

The game also has two Bonus Rounds.

A Free Spins Bonus where the user is given a color, and every time a piece of his color stops on the throne, it will capture enemy's pieces and convert them into WILD symbols.

And a bonus picker where the user will have 5 picks to select between 25 squares trying to find the black pieces. Bigger pieces will pay more. And the user has also the chance of increasing the amount of picks.

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